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  • 7th annual Central Oregon Snowmobile Drags!
    Snowmobile drag racing is happening this weekend at Wanoga Snow Park. If you want to see some rad people and sleds going fast this is the weekend to watch as it goes down in Bend. Test and Tune Friday the 23rd. Qualifying Saturday and Eliminations on Sunday! Mark your calendars! Large payouts and tons of racing and fun! Spectators are always FREE! The post 7th annual Central Oregon Snowmobile Drags! appeared first on Backyardbend.... Read more »
  • Protect Culture, Concerts and Events In Bend
    The Bend City Council is currently listening to a couple of citizens who are complaining about cultural events at the Century Center and may be avoiding the facts, data, and support by thousands of other citizens. The letter below is a call to action to help preserve cultural events on Bend’s West side business district. Please help support the community’s right to hold legal and well organized events. The letters below explain the current situation and your help is needed to write city council and attend the meeting tonight Feb 21 at 6pm. Letters From Jim Gross Recently City Council met to discuss curbing concerts and events on private land by significantly limiting Temporary Certificates of Occupancy (TCO) by location. The tip of this spear is pointed at GoodLife Brewery, Volcanic Theatre Pub, and the concerts my company produces at Century Center. Why is this issue so important? Because drastically limiting TCOs will cripple Arts,... Read more »