Ted X Bend 3/31

TED is dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading. The mission of TEDxBend is to deliver on these TED ideals in a way that’s relevant, accessible and meaningful to Central Oregon—to make this a truly “community” event. TEDxBend has evolved into a dynamic year round project that builds upon the single-day main event to connect with the community year round. Through monthly Salons, TEDxBendWomen, TED Cinema and plans for a TEDxBend Youth event, we are expanding the conversation, promising greater inclusion for everyone in our midst.

About TEDxBend

Sparked by the celebrated TED conferences worldwide, TEDxBend is our very own locally organized event featuring talks, demonstrations and performances under 18 minutes each. Each spring, local, national and international speakers and performers, inspire and engage from the stage at Bend High School (and are watchable around the world via live stream.) Now embarking on its 6th year, TEDxBend also hosts a monthly Salon series in between our bigger events to build community, which is both the engine and cornerstone of TEDx. TED and TEDxBend are 501(c)(3) nonprofits devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. We also offer TEDxBendWomen, in synch with when TEDWomen occurs.

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